Café Rouge, Belu, and the planet

Café Rouge has been selling Belu, the UK’s most ethical water brand, since 2008. 100% carbon neutral, Belu is the only water brand certified to PAS 2060 standard. It comes in the lightest-weight clear ethical glass mineral water bottles. 

Serving Belu helps keep our carbon emissions down. Buying Belu means that in 2014 Café Rouge has avoided the equivalent carbon emissions of 96 return flights London-Tokyo.

Belu gives its profits to WaterAid, the clean water charity. Thanks to partners like Café Rouge, WaterAid has so far received £644,531 from Belu. It costs just £15 to transform a life through access to clean water, therefore to date Belu has transformed the lives of 42,969 of some of the world’s poorest people.


More about Belu

Almost two fifths of the world's population - 2.5 billion people - don’t have access to adequate sanitation, and roughly one in ten – nearly 770 million - don’t have access to clean water. 

Money raised through Belu goes to WaterAid projects like this bio-gas café in Ethiopia. It’s a sustainable community initiative that generates income for the 25 women who run it. They cook and serve vegetarian food to the community, and manage the toilets that customers pay to use. 

Ayelech Hailu takes pride in the café that provides her with the work and money she needs to feed and clothe her family.