Know how to wow us

We want to see the real you, but we understand that applying for a job isn’t something you do every day, so here are some tips that might help you ensure we get to see who you are as well as being best able to gauge the potential you have and how well you might fit into our team.

  • Love food, love wine, love people and love Café Rouge. Think about how you can prove to us that you fulfill this statement.
  • Read and re-read the job advert.
  • Understand exactly what the role involves.
  • Do your Café Rouge research.
  • Visit a Café Rouge - or several – and get the inside track on things.
  • Explore the Café Rouge website.
  • Understand what it means for your future to be part of Casual Dining Group.
  • Show us you love Café Rouge – learn about us so that you can speak to us with passion and knowledge.
  • Don’t just answer questions – ask them. It shows us you’re interested and we love to share what we know about Café Rouge too.
  • Plan your journey to the interview and do a trial run. Allow plenty of time. Arrive 10 minutes early - it shows you’re punctual and efficient.
  • Bring a copy of your CV, especially if you’ve updated it since you applied. Highlight achievements that you feel are relevant to the role. Think of memorable ways to show us what these achievements might look like in a day at Café Rouge.
  • First impressions count. So be yourself and connect with us. Make the interview a two-way conversation. Dress the part. Leave a lasting impression.
  • Stand out from the crowd but show us you’re a team player.