Love what you do then you'll love it here

Most importantly we look for people who love food, love wine, love people. Café Rouge does everything with love – that special ingredient that keeps customers coming back – so we look for the same in you. 

We also look for:


Flexibility counts, you need flexibility with your shifts and sometimes your duties. This will all contribute towards making you a great member of our fantastic teams. – when the heat’s on, can you go above and beyond?


Teamwork makes Café Rouge. What we achieve together is greater than any one individual. But this doesn't stop you being yourself. We take your individual strengths, develop them to the highest standard, and make you an even better team player. 

Customer service

Brilliant customer service is more important than anything else. We train you to be confident yet relaxed with customers. By sharing your love of Café Rouge with a customer, you make their experience – and your prospects – all the better.